Our Commitment

Gpack has demonstrated a strong focus on eco-efficient resource management, with particular reference to reducing waste and rationalizing the use of resources. For this reason, a monitoring system has been introduced that is capable of systematically verifying the company’s environmental performance in relation to energy, water, and material consumption.

Gpack has decided to adopt a sustainable approach to environmental management, aiming to reduce the environmental impact generated by its activities. In order to achieve the goal of eco-efficient management, the company is investing in innovative technologies and environmental education programs to promote responsible behaviour among employees and stakeholders.

The company is constantly striving to reduce waste and rationalize resources, aiming to continuously improve its environmental performance. The main objective is to improve eco-sustainable practices through the adoption of more efficient and effective procedures in order to ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

Gpack recognizes the strategic importance of eco-efficient resource management and is committed to promoting more responsible and environmentally sustainable consumption patterns. The company is devoting great resources to waste reduction and resource rationalization in order to ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

Our dedication to sustainability is recognized through our FSC® certification, which demonstrates our commitment to responsible paper and paperboard sourcing. In addition, we have obtained the EcoVadis certification, an acknowledgement of our ongoing commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. These recognitions reflect our philosophy of a circular and responsible economy.

Since 2021, Gpack has been collaborating with Treedom in managing a forest, a project that not only contributes to biodiversity, but also helps local communities.

This initiative underscores our commitment to active environmental stewardship and our contribution to the well-being of the planet.

In addition, we have implemented solar panels in two of our production facilities, a significant step forward in reducing our energy needs and lowering our environmental impact.

This choice highlights our strategy of investing in innovative and sustainable technologies.