Luxury Packaging

Luxury Packaging

Elegance and style beyond standard packaging

We are leaders in packaging that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your products. We understand the importance of packaging in defining your brand image and are committed to packaging that conveys elegance and style.

At Gpack, our passion for quality translates into the use of premium materials and customized designs, creating packaging that symbolizes luxury and prestige. We work closely with you to develop unique packaging solutions that enhance your brand identity and capture the attention of your customers.

Our commitment to detail and quality makes Gpack the ideal partner to transform your luxury products into extraordinary experiences.


Our Solutions

With two factories in Italy, Gpack is constantly searching for the most advanced technologies to produce prestigious boxes.


Gpack produces luxury packaging using complex printing processes that enhance the prestige of each product to the fullest. UV printing on laminated embossed and natural cardboard substrates, hot foil stamping on flocked materials, embossing with artistic and multilevel clichés, custom embossing, and special varnishes are just some of the effects that can be achieved. A laboratory entirely dedicated to the study of colour allows Gpack to fulfil the most particular requests, even reproducing printed graphics on primary packaging such as fabric, metal, glass, plastic, and wood.


For a high-value product, prestige and protection must be guaranteed. A complex segment for which Gpack boasts a portfolio of international customers. Dedicated and monitored spaces ensure the correct flow of incoming and outgoing products from the customer. The forming of the boxes is directly followed by the filling of the boxes by specialised personnel who always carry out quality checks on all products. Palletising is also on the line and the areas are equipped with anti-intrusion and anti-theft systems with constant 24-hour security on standby.


A factory specialising in the production of interiors to protect glass bottles or products of different sizes and ensure their immovability. An important manufacturing process, capable of increasing the prestige and refinement of the complete case. Gpack can print laminating papers with numerous colour variants, chosen from a predefined colour chart or by creating the desired colour ad-hoc. The inside of a carton often requires complex structures capable of containing several products of different shapes, sizes and fragility, and our staff know how to guarantee the highest level of protection at all times.

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