General Packaging

General Packaging

Tailor-made solutions for your needs

Our General Packaging department is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each product with customized solutions. We work with a wide variety of packaging materials, such as cardboard, plastic, and metal, ensuring the protection and attractive presentation of your product. From design to production, our team ensures functional and visually impactful packaging.

Our design team specializes in graphic solutions that enhance your brand and make the product memorable. Gpack is the ideal partner for every company size and sector, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customization. Trusting us means guaranteeing your product protection and appeal. For us every detail is crucial.


Our solutions

Functionality, originality, robustness, and special effects with low costs thanks to large formats: these are the merits of our packaging.


We offer standard cartons as well as customized solutions with easy-open, anti-shoplifting systems, pouring spouts, and dispensers, made possible thanks to the expertise of our experienced team and sales managers, who are always ready to respond to every customer need. Our considerable production capacity is supported by multiple folding-gluing lines located in various plants. We produce snap bottoms, 4- and 6-corner boxes, with hinged lids and rims, and cartons with cavities. Our Bobst Alpina machine with Girobox makes the most complex gluing possible in a single pass.


We offer a variety of internal laminates (waves: N - F - E - B), producing die-cut cartons and linear boxes with advanced opening systems, including the application of handles. These solutions are ideal for the food, alcohol, cosmetics, and consumer goods sectors. Unique in our industry is our folding-gluing technology that allows the lamination of two materials in line, before the final glue application stage.

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