Capturing attention in the retail world

In the competitive retail environment, a strong image is essential. Our display team develops eye-catching visual solutions to capture the attention of customers in the shop. We are experts in making products stand out on the shelf, with displays that effectively communicate your message and generate interest.

We place special emphasis on functional design and practicality, ensuring displays that are easy for your staff to handle. We work with you to realize customized solutions, suitable for both established brands and new market entrants. With Gpack, you make the difference in retail: be visible, be successful.


Our solutions

In retail, it is important to maximize impulse purchases by exploiting solutions that accentuate the qualities of the product. Our goal is to make it dominant through a memorable display. For this reason, we create displays and promotional islands specifically designed to capture attention.


We design the best creative or shelf-easy solutions to ensure maximum attractiveness on the counter, shelf, or display case in perfumeries, pharmacies, single-brand stores, and GDO (large-scale organised distribution). Each market requires attentions that must be respected when designing a good countertop display. The gesture that the consumer makes as the first approach to purchase must be facilitated and the product must be taken without difficulty. Ease of extraction, choice of references, and repositioning are some important aspects that must be considered in the design. Gpack can offer its customers solutions that are both display and shipping boxes avoiding cellophane or additional packaging. Direct printing on the outer box also avoids additional labelling.


Aesthetics, sturdiness, and ease of logistics are primary goals that are always achievable thanks to our experience and the great design skills of our design centre. The first phase of exploring the structure to be proposed is the search for the best display result. With 3D images, Gpack proposes alternative solutions with neutral renderings or with provisional graphics showing the various stages of proper filling so as to make the final evaluation even more effective. To have a realistic evaluation of the chosen proposal, it is necessary to make a plotter-cut and perfectly structured prototype. To have an additional emotional impact and aesthetic value, it is possible to digitally print the entire structure with graphics or with a 3D simulation created by our in-house Designers through colour plates with various perspectives or 3D animations.


For these promotional events, it is important to know the world of large retailers: display needs, timing, and logistical plans. Planning promotional islands is a big investment for the client, in terms of economics and organization. Knowing the needs of individual Chains can simplify the choice of structures to be designed and the preparation of the kit of elements that make up the different areas to be occupied. Elements that can be standard or studied ad-hoc, but always consistently chosen to achieve maximum display effectiveness. Digital technology helps us in the possibility of choosing the individual elements to be assembled to achieve the best promotional area. Promoter benches, displays, flags, totems and roters are often essential elements to make the entire island interesting and eye-catching.

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